Camoflex 3-D Concealment Blinds

Camoflex 3-D Concealment Blinds

CamoFlex DeadFall™ Ground Blind

The new CamoFlex DeadFall Ground Blind features a patent-pending elliptical shaped door for easy entrance and exit, magnetic closures on the windows for silent operation, and pre-attached branches with leaves which eliminates the need to "brush in" your ground blind.


  • Blind folds up with all branches and CamoStars™
  • Revolutionary Patent Pending 3-D Concealment System w/Removable CamoStars™
    CamoFlex DeadFall™ Ground Blind
  • Patent Pending Elliptical Door
  • Y2K Zipper w/Storm Flap
  • Hub-Style Design
  • 3 Shoot-thru replaceable mesh screens
  • Magnetic Window Closures
  • Unique Fold-Flat Window Storage Design
  • Backpack Carrying Bag Included
  • Realtree AP w/black Shadowguard backing



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